1 out of 2 don't buy new makeup online that they haven't already tried in a store, this is because the presentation of the product is often very limited. When shopping online you can rarely see how the product look on a model, how the colors look on different skin tones or which products that goes well together.

A lot of great initiatives are being made within the beauty industry but we can still see a lack of representation within several markets. Women with darker skin tones, women with curves, men and people who identify themselves as non-binary are all often underrepresented. The lack of representation within the beauty industry makes the online shopping challenging and put unrealistic ideals on the consumers.

NMBR EIGHT wants to change this, we want to help brands and retailers become more including. A wide representation will automatically lead to a higher conversion rate and increased profit, this means that being inclusive will always be a win win situation.


NMBR EIGHTs vision is to provide the consumer with a wide range of models in all skin tones, sizes and sexes so that everyone can find a model that they can relate to. We want to help the industry to become more including and make it easier for consumers to shop online by letting them try on the product before buying it. With our product we aim to close the gap between traditional retailers and e-commerces.

How it works



Choose the model that you relate to the most.




Create a look that you like by testing the virtual products on the model. 




If you like the look you can buy it directly through nmbr eights iFrame.